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Our Christmas Journey!

We've always had a passion each Christmas season to decorate for the holidays. Our story began in 2020 during the holiday season, when we noticed the past season that all the stores offered the same decorative items and you could see all the same stuff replayed in all the yards around town, including our own yard. It was at that time we decided to decorate our yard with things no one else offered or had in their yard.

We decided to handmake a large Christmas JOY, flanked on each side with a hand painted Toy Soldier. Needless to say, we were very happy with our hard work and choice and received many compliments from our neighbors, family and friends. The positive response over the years inspired us three years later to launch Elf Buddy, your source for unique Christmas yard decorations. All our items are handmade, and hand painted right here in Deltona, Florida. We specialize in Signature pieces, meaning they are large in size, and would easily be the focal point of your yard's Holiday celebration. We do the work, so you can enjoy the results.

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